• Our Story

    Back in 2009, Steve Rickerby was working at an insurance company. The office moved in to Auckland's first 5 star green rated building. As part of the rating system, staff were separating waste in to rubbish, recycling and compost but none of the large waste companies offered a service to collect the food waste and paper hand towels. There was no space to compost on site and the waste was just going to landfill.


    Steve decided to solve the problem and launched We Compost collections with one bin on the back of his ute.


    We Compost now collects over 30,000 kgs of organic waste each week - Servicing corporate offices, foodcourts, schools, tertiary institutes, hotels, cafes, coffee roasters and caterers. Since March 2012 We Compost has helped save over three million kgs of waste from ending up in landfill and continues to grow...



  • Why Compost?


    What’s so special about organic waste?


    Organic matter is a very valuable resource. Our planet is a 'balanced' ecosystem and each part relies on many other parts for its survival and the survival of the whole. Most of the life on earth is contained in the biomass or topsoil that lies on the earths surface.


    How does composting make a difference?

    1. By composting, we are putting the biomass back rather than just taking it away. Soils play a vital role in carbon sequestration and water retention - approximately 20% of global carbon is held in the soil.
    2. We reduce Methane gas emissions from organic waste breaking down in landfill. Methane is a 23 times worse greenhouse gas than Carbon Dioxide so food waste in landfill can contribute greatly to the greenhouse effect and climate change.
    3. Best of all, we create a useful product that can help grow food!

  • Our collection service

    Friendly, efficient and reliable.

    Smaller wheelie bins




    Suitable for hospitality businesses and offices. We use a compostable bin liner in these bins which we replace each empty to keep the bins clean.

    Larger four wheeled bins



    These bins are used for compostable packaging and paper handtowel collections.

    Small domestic collection bin and kitchen caddy

    23L bin

    8L Caddy

    Suitable for domestic collections from a small household. $40 plus GST per month for once weekly collection. Includes bin rental but bin liners must be purchased separately ($16 plus GST per roll of 40 compostable liners).

  • Approved Compostable Packaging Suppliers

    Coming soon...

    Ecoware Packaging


    Innocent Packaging

  • Team

    We are a small family owned business based in Mangere Bridge, Auckland.

    Steve Rickerby

    Founder/ Chief Bin Lifter

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    The Team

    Gemma, Steve, Keith, JC, Jashan, Rohit, John, Pinder, Debbie and Meilyka.

    Coming soon...

  • Zero Waste Events


    We offer a bespoke collection service for events which includes bin delivery, rental and collection.


    We collect three streams - Compostables, commingle recycling and rubbish (Hopefully not much).


    We can cater for events of all sizes from weddings through to school galas and large community events.

  • Products to help you sort your waste

    Check out our great products to help you separate compostable waste at source.


    This page will be updated soon. Contact us at orders@wecompost.co.nz for more info and pricing.

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  • How can we help?

    Contact us below for a quote for collections or more information give us a call on 0800 We Compost (0800932667)

  • National Sustainable Business Network Awards Finalist 2013

    Sustainable 60 Awards Finalist 2012

    Sustainable Business Network Member

    WasteMinz Member

    Gerri Ward - Sustainability Manager - Z Energy

    "When we started on our sustainability journey at Z, our waste audits showed us that an large proportion of the volume of our sites’ operational waste was in unsold pies. At the time, there weren’t many options in terms of credible composting for food waste, and we met Steve at just the right time to work out a solution together. Working with Steve at We Compost has meant that we were able to get after food waste composting at our Z sites in Auckland in a really credible way. We honestly couldn’t have chosen a better guy to partner to work with to make this happen. Steve’s got unbelievable drive, passion, and integrity."